Invacare FOX

The Invacare Fox has been designed
to help maximise independence. As well as meeting client’s practical needs, Fox is also very comfortable, great looking and safe. Thanks to its highly efficient motors it is ideal for those wanting to travel a few kilometres extra every day. It offers a sleek compact wheelbase for excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

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Invacare Kite

Invacare Kite is a power wheelchair packed with features! This highly adaptable power chair comes equipped with Dual Swing Technology® (D.S.T.®); a unique suspension system that guarantees superior driving comfort and traction. Kite is designed for active clients who love outdoor activities yet still require a compact chair in their everyday life.

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Invacare Mirage

The Mirage is a trusted basic powered wheelchair from Invacare that has been around for a number of years. Simple and affordable, it is usable both indoors and outdoors, and has several options to configure the seating on it. Key … Read More

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Invacare Storm 4
Invacare STORM 4

The Invacare Storm 4 is designed to satisfy even the most demanding requirements regarding configurability, adaptability and functionality. All in a chair that is stylish to look at and a pleasure to drive.

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Invacare Spectre TDX SP2
Invacare TDX SP2

The Invacare TDX SP2 boasts unrivalled durability and ultimate performance. Great manoeuvrability indoors and out, with a wide choice of seating options for optimum comfort and support, the TDX SP2 is the powerchair for individuals who need full functionality, but do not want to compromise on style. The modern aesthetics of the chassis add to the sleek appeal with a choice of 7 contemporary colour options.

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Kymco K-Active

The Kymco K-Activ has been designed to be the most flexible fixed frame powerchair, providing independence, performance and the ultimate in comfort. With multi adjustments, this compact, stylish powerchair can be adjusted to suit specific needs.

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Kymco Vivio

The new Kymco Vivio folding powerchair was designed to be versatile to use and convenient for travelling. This compact powerchair dismantles and folds down easily to fit into your vehicle, so you can take it anywhere with you.

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Rascal 320 Compact

Are you looking for a compact and lightweight wheelchair with a wide range of useful features? Your search ends with the Rascal 320 Compact electric wheelchair.

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Rascal P200

The Electric Mobility Rascal P200 is an electric wheelchair with good features, advanced adjustability, and a very small price tag. The backrest angle and tension can be adjusted and the multi-positional seat is particularly comfortable.

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Rascal P312 Turnabout

Ever wanted a electric wheelchair that gave you flexability? This dual directional powerchair has a rotating seat so you can choose between front-wheel drive for superb manoeuvrability indoors or rear-wheel drive for extra traction outdoors

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Rascal P321

The Rascal P321 from Electric Mobility is designed to be compact and lightweight, offering a simple solution to transporting your powerchair.

The P321 Electric Wheelchair comes apart into 3 sections, the heaviest of which is only 39 lbs / 18 kg. It is the ideal chair for indoor use, but will perform outdoors on reasonably smooth surfaces.

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Rascal P327

The Rascal P327 power chairs are built to last. Employing the latest in design innovation and heavy duty technology, the P327s meet the needs of the most demanding lifestyle. With coil spring suspension, comfort seating and mid-wheel drive, the P327s from Electric Mobility deliver utmost manoeuvrability and the smoothest ride possible.

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