Invacare Orion

The Invacare Orion is a compact 8mph mobility scooter. A brilliant turning circle and range of over 25 miles makes the Invacare Orion 4 perfectly suited for town use.


The Invacare Orion is one of our most affordable 8 mph mobility scooter, yet despite this is an extremely impressive mid-sized scooter from a leading manufacturer. With an exceptionally long range, it is a comfortable and reliable choice for those looking to go further, faster.

Key features:

• Affordable 8 mph scooter
• Long range
• Compact size
• 3 wheel variant available

The Orion is relatively compact for an 8 mph scooter, making it a good choice for those that need speed, but who don’t have the storage space for a full-sized scooter. It features all the comfort one would expect from an Invacare scooter, including front and rear suspension, and a high-back padded seat. Additional seat-post suspension is available if wanted. An impressive range of 26 miles means it can go further than most scooters of its class.

The full range of Invacare storage options can be fitted, including a lockable front box and a rear basket. The Orion also has the option for either a windscreen or canopy to be fitted, providing protection from the elements.

A three-wheel variant of the Orion is also available, though it should be noted that this comes with a reduced top speed of 6 mph. Both variants of the Orion have a notably lower weight capacity than many other 8 mph scooters, at just 21 stone, which should be taken into account when ordering.

Recently updated with black tyres, the Orion is now available in red, as well as the traditional blue and silver. Invacare’s Orion is a great scooter with a long range and fast speed, yet compact size and affordable cost.

Technical Specs

  • Width: 24.5 in (62.5 cm)
  • Length: 51 in (129 cm)
  • Weight: 17.3 st (110 kg)
  • Seating: Rotating, adjustable, folding
  • Weight capacity: 21.4 st (136 kg)
  • Suspension: Front and rear, seat-post also available
  • Speed: 8 mph (12 kmph)
  • Range: 26 miles (42 km)
  • Battery size: 2 x 12 V (50 Ah)
  • Wheel size: 11 in (28 cm)


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