Invacare FOX

The Invacare Fox has been designed
to help maximise independence. As well as meeting client’s practical needs, Fox is also very comfortable, great looking and safe. Thanks to its highly efficient motors it is ideal for those wanting to travel a few kilometres extra every day. It offers a sleek compact wheelbase for excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces.


The Fox is a brand new powerchair available from Invacare. An impressive rear-wheel drive powerchair, it strikes a balance between affordability and customisation, coming in as cheaper than fully configurable powerchairs, yet with more options than more basic “out of the box” models. Compact and powerful, it is equally capable indoors and out.

Key features:

• Compact
• Affordable
• Customisable
• Transportable

Sitting midway between standard rear-wheel drive chairs, such as the Roma Marbella, and more advanced configurable ones like the Sunrise Medical Salsa R2, the Invacare Fox offers the best of both. Far more affordable than fully configurable powerchairs, the Fox nonetheless has a large range of options, allowing it to be set up to your needs. This includes adjustable seat width and depth, tension adjustable backrest, a comfort headrest, different armrest and legrest options, as well as fixed seat tilt and a manual backrest recliner. These small adjustments add up to allow the Fox to offer far more comfort than that found on “one size fits all” products.

Usable both inside and outside, the Fox is one of the narrowest powerchairs available, allowing it to manoeuvre through tight spaces. Capable outdoors too, it has the option of a kerb-climber, as well as for upgraded batteries of up to 50Ah that give a stand-out 25 mile range. Another interesting addition that shows the thought put into the Fox’s design is castor locks, which keep them straight when reversing down a ramp. Attendant controls or dual user-attendant controls are also available, allowing a carer to control the wheelchair if required.

The Fox boasts a unique folding design, which allows the back to be folded down, or the seat to be removed entirely. The base can then be folded up to make it more compact. Additionally, the entire wheelchair can be folded up , allowing it to be manually tipped and manoeuvred like a trolley. While these are not something one would want to do on a regular basis, and the weight of the wheelchair means it can’t easily be lifted into a vehicle, it does make it easier to transport with the assistance of ramps, or to store if space is a constraint.

Finally, the Invacare Fox has a smart modern appearance, with stylish silver aluminium rear wheels, as well as a choice of shroud colours.

Overall, the Fox is an ideal powerchair for people after an affordable rear-wheel drive chair with more personalisation options than “out of the box” models. It is also suitable for those after a powerchair that can be disassembled for transport on occasion, or who have limited storage space.

Technical Specs

  • Width: 23 in (59 cm)
  • Length: 40 or 41 in (101.5 or 104.5 cm)
  • Weight: 12.4 st (79 kg)
  • Drive: Rear-wheel
  • Seat width: Adj. 14 – 20 in (35 – 50 cm)
  • Seat depth: Adj. 14.5 – 18 in (37 – 46 cm)
  • Seat height: 19 or 20 in (48 or 51 cm)
  • Weight capacity: 20 st (127 kg)
  • Speed: 4 mph (6 kmph)
  • Range: 16 miles (27 km)
  • Transit approved: Yes


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