Karma Dove

The Dove Transit from Karma Mobility, the UK’s leading company in mobility design, is an ultra-lightweight wheelchair built with aircraft grade aluminium alloy and double cross brace to ensure frame strength and durability.

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Ergo 115
Karma Ergo 115 Transit

The lightweight Ergo 115 transit wheelchair from Karma Mobility will make sure any user is sat comfortably & safely. Our patented S-Ergo shaped seating system will allow pressure to be redistributed and help the user to stay in position instead of sliding down the seat, and is pressure mapped for the best possible shape.

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Ergo 125 Self Propel
Karma Ergo 125 Self Propel

The Ergo 125 self-propel wheelchair from Karma Mobility has been designed and built by the most innovative mobility equipment suppliers in the industry. Its lightweight aircraft aluminium makes the chair easy to manoeuvre and the chair can be collapsed for easy travel and storage.

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Karma Ergo Lite
Karma Ergo Lite

The Ergo Lite transit wheelchair is an innovative piece of mobility equipment from Karma Mobility and weighing just 8.3kg, this lightweight chair is one of the lightest you will find available on the market; and it comes at a fantastic price.

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Ergo Lite 2 Self Propel
Karma Ergo Lite 2 Self Propel

The Ergo Lite 2 is a lightweight self-propel wheelchair from Karma Mobility, weighing just 10.3kg when it is complete which makes it easy to navigate for both user and attendant. It comes with our innovative S-Ergo seating system which has a shaped seat help to ensure the user stays upright and comfortable instead of sliding.

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Ergo Lite
Karma Ergo Lite 2 Transit

The Ergo Lite 2 transit from Karma Mobility is one of the most lightweight wheelchairs that you’ll find throughout our range. Weighing in at just 8.7kg it is highly practical and comes with the well-loved S-Ergo seating system that provides pressure relief, reducing the chances of the user sliding down the seat.

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Flexx HD Transit
Karma Flexx Heavy Duty Transit

The Flexx HD transit wheelchair is designed for users up to 170kg (26 1/2 Stone).

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Flexx Self Propel
Karma Flexx Self Propel

With Karma Mobility wheelchairs, you can expect expert equipment that is highly durable, practical and comfortable. The Flexx self-propel wheelchair is a great example of a highly configurable wheelchair with innovative features that allow the user to make adjustments for optimum use and comfort.

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Karma i-Explore

The i-Explore is a stylish, robust, lightweight wheelchair which comes with a dual braking system as standard. It also comes with flip back armrests and swing in-out footrest hangers.

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Karma i-Lite

A stylish lightweight occasional use wheelchair with convenient attendant brakes, complete with black wheels and castors.

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